Marla S. Gendelman, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Gendelman is a board-certified anesthesiologist with over 25 years of experience at major research hospitals, teaching hospitals and private medical practice. She joined Liberate as Chief Medical Officer in 2014 and now supervises the work of four other physicians in addition to seeing her own patient base In Norton Shores. Dr. Gendelman is licensed to practice medicine in Michigan, Florida and Pennsylvania. In addition, she is certified as a suboxone physician to serve patients with opioid disorders and addictions. She has great compassion and empathy for people suffering from chronic pain, and is one of the pioneers in using medical marijuana therapy to reduce patient reliance on opioids as a primary therapy. Marla received her undergraduate education at Michigan State University, then went on to graduate in 1986 from the University of Michigan School of Medicine. She completed her medical residency at the University of Pittsburgh. She then became a general surgeon at the University of Texas, then went on to a 25+-year medical career in Pittsburgh where she worked at the University of Pittsburgh Hospital System, taught at the Drexel University and was appointed to numerous other posts. She is board certified as an anesthesiologist and pediatric anesthesiologist. Upon her return to Michigan to establish a private practice and serve as Chief Medical Officer at Liberate, she also has taught and practiced at Michigan State University School of Medicine. She is a member of several medical societies and is actively engaged in the scientific studies associated with the efficacy of medical marijuana for pain management, neurological diseases, psychological conditions like PTSD and the general application of CBDs to a variety of other medical disorders.