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We are committed to helping improve the quality-of-life for all our patients.

Client Satisfaction

We treat every patient as an individual – with respect and compassion, focused on your unique situation and needs.

On Your Side

We work with patients in the context of their overall health and believe everyone’s situation is unique.


Our team includes MMJ experts, a board-certified anesthesiologist specializing in pain, and on-site partners providing chiropractic medicine, massage therapy and other holistic health services.


We take the guesswork and risk out MMJ and pain management. You’ll be aware of all your options and the best way to move forward.


We focus on providing the highest standard of care, answering all your questions and keeping you up-to-date.


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What our clients are saying

  • I am so appreciative that Liberate is serving our community. I truly have been 'Liberated' from pain that was keeping me from living a full life. Dr. Gendelman is very compassionate and is making a major difference in my life. She's shown me how 'less is more' with diet, exercise and other things within my control.

    Thomas, MI

  • I was really nervous about getting a medical marijuana card, but Dan answered all my questions about the program, and Dr. Gendelman was very helpful in talking to me about how different strains actually work in the body. I am so thankful for Liberate.

    Tina, MI

  • I've been greatly impressed by Liberate's knowledge. Dr. Marla is a great doctor and has really helped guide me and reduced the amount of medication I was taking.

    Julie, MI